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We asked and you answered: How can we help Australians #livelight for the next 200 years?


Thursday 17 March 2016

“It’s surprising that it’s come to this. Really, it should be dead by now. Centuries ago, skeptics like Voltaire predicted that the Bible would be dead within 100 years. He’s long gone, and it’s still alive and kicking. In fact, the Bible is still the world’s most-read book. And the Bible Society in Australia is not just surviving, it’s flourishing.”

Marking its 199th birthday and a significant milestone as it moves into its 200th year, Bible Society Australia put a call out to its supporters, asking why the Bible matters today.

“We want to know what it is that will help Australians live light,” said Bible Society CEO Dr Greg Clarke is a video that went viral at the end of last week. “Help us fulfil our mission in our bicentenary year.”

It’s surprising that it’s come to this. By all rights it should be dead. #Livelight

Posted by Bible Society Australia on Sunday, 6 March 2016


And Australians answered. Here’s just a few of the responses we received. A big thanks to everyone who sent us a message!

You can still be part of the conversation on Facebook. “Together, we will live light for as long as it takes,” says Greg Clarke.

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