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Saturday 10 December 2016

Bible Society and Koorong now share a huge 2500-square-metre warehouse at Erskine Park in western Sydney.

From here, hundreds of thousands of Bibles and Christian books are shipped to all corners of Australia and the Pacific under the watchful eye of warehouse manager John Park and his staff of 40.

John is enjoying his expanded role with responsibility for six new staff and managing extra sales.

“All the extra money profited or saved within this part of the operation goes directly back into the mission work, which means more Bibles translated into more foreign languages that people have no access to the word,” he says.

“The way I see this part of the Bible Society operation is that it’s run in a way that is not a hindrance on the mission; it is a contributor to the mission.”

Having been warehouse manager for Koorong for ten years, John is relishing the challenges of ensuring every aspect of the amalgamated business is efficient and effective.

“Ten years in and there’s still not a day that I don’t feel like going to work,” he says with a smile.

Among his new staff, pictured above, are product manager Mark Mitchell, customer service representative Penelope Haenga and marketing coordinator Alex Manisier.

The warehouse ships about four million units a year for Koorong and about a quarter of that for Bible Society.

Top Image: From left to right – Mark Mitchell, John Park, Penelope Haenga and Alex Manisier surrounded by Bible Society books.

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