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“Not silly, just forgiven,” students told at first 2016 Bible Society Masterclass


Monday 1 August 2016

“People can view our beliefs as silly,” said Simon Smart from Centre for Public Christianity (CPX) to 300 high school students attending Bible Society’s first 2016 Masterclass in Queensland last week.

Simon Smart from CPX at Masterclass in QLD.

Simon Smart from CPX at Masterclass in QLD.

“Much more so in the world that you’re growing up in than the one I grew up in. This is because we are mixing more and more with people whose worldview is different than our own.”
Smart was making the point that the students could be confident that Christianity is far from silly.

With highly-regarded presenters such as Simon Smart and John Dickson of CPX, sexologist Patricia Weerakoon, missiologist Mike Frost, and others, Masterclass aims to equip Christian high school students in years 10 and 11 with the tools and confidence to face everyday life in today’s society. Weerakoon’s frank and positive discussion on sex drew an enthusiastic reaction. Her testimony was that marriage was the best place for sex.

Richard Shumack addresses the Masterclass crowd. Photo: Wes Selwood

Richard Shumack addresses the Masterclass crowd. Photo: Wes Selwood

In Queensland, Richard Schumack discussed how he found himself at an Islamic outreach rally with 500 Muslim believers. When asked the question, “Who here is not a Muslim?” he was one of ten who raised their hands. He was the only one in the room who did not believe that Mohammad was not a prophet. Through his presentation on Truth, God & Islam, Richard went on to outline the similarities and differences between Christianity and the Islamic faith, offering a starting point for students facing an ever-growing pluralistic society.

“The vast majority of Muslims actually think that we’re the crazy ones!” he said to the group.

Masterclasses are being held in every State and the Northern Territory. They are open to students in year 10 and 11 and are held in Term 3 each year. 

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