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Friday 4 November 2016

Children in the Holy Lands and surrounding nations live under a cloud of violence, and they need Jesus’ radical message of hope to bring comfort to their lives.
Almost half of the population of the region is aged under 24, and millions of children are unable to attend school because of growing tension. Many children have seen tragedy, horror and bloodshed, often in their immediate family.

In a world scarred by fear, hatred, grief and violence, Bible Society is providing moments of joy and happiness to these children.

In Lebanon, local Bible Society teams use clowns, songs, puppets and drama to present the good news to about 10,000 children each year at the interactive “Bible House” in Beirut. Since it began, Bible House has presented the gospel to 40,000 children through exhibitions and drama.

Bible Society teams also visit schools and church groups. After performing a drama in a public school about the importance of forgiveness, a Bible Society volunteer asked if anyone would like to ask for forgiveness from someone. A little boy got up and said “I want to ask forgiveness from my friend” and explained why. All the students clapped and the two boys hugged. Then many of the children began competing to get on stage next to share that they wanted forgiveness from someone.

This is just one example of how Bible Societies are reaching out to children across the Holy Lands.

In the Palestinian Territories, Bible Society teams regularly confront the horrors of war as they make their way into Gaza and the West Bank to organise fun days for kids, as well as trips, conferences, camps, puppet shows, and special events for Christmas, Easter and summer. With more than half of the Palestinian population aged under 18, this work is essential in raising up a new generation of believers who will live out Jesus’ message of peace, tolerance and love.

In Israel, the Arab-Israeli Bible Society supports wives and mothers to keep God’s word at the centre of their families. They do this by running Bible studies and helping women to read the Bible for themselves.

In war-torn Syria, the desire for access to Scriptures has increased through the present unrest. Bible Society bookshops in Aleppo and
Damascus continue to distribute Scriptures to youth and children.
Across the region, Bible Societies are handing out thousands of children’s Bibles and colouring books to refugees, fi nding new ways to care for those fl eeing violence and terror in surrounding nations.

Image provided by Bible Society Lebanon.

Many children in the Holy Lands have never known peace, but God is watching over his precious children in this region, and Bible Society is helping them face their future with hope in their hearts.

Bible Societies in the Holy Lands are currently sending out invitations to nativity plays – hundreds of children will be receiving one. Will you make a donation today to add more names to that list? It costs just $33 to bring three children along to our Christmas play and provide them with a Bible each.

Conflict across the region is at boiling point. Now, more than ever, people in the place of Jesus’ birth need to hear the message of hope that he brings.
To help, please call 1300 BIBLES (1300 242 537), or donate online by clicking on the button below.


A woman and child pick their way through the rubble of their neighbourhood in Bethlehem. West Bank.

A woman and child pick their way through the rubble of their neighbourhood in Bethlehem. West Bank.

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