In 2017 let’s celebrate 200 years of sharing the Bible

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Back where it all began

Saturday 20 December 2016

Next year is a special year. Bible Society Australia will be celebrating its bicentenary, but 2017 is not only about thanking God for all he’s done in the past through his word.

Bible Society Australia is calling upon you, your church and your community groups to help us continue the legacy of equipping our people with the life-giving word of God.

Get The Word Out (GTWO) is Bible Society Australia’s year-long focus on providing one nation on earth with the Bible – and encouraging its people to engage with it. Your partnership has helped us Get The Word Out to multiple nations – Rwanda, Lebanon, China and South Africa, to name a few.

We’re asking you to do it again in 2017, as together we flood Australia with Scripture and bring change to precious lives. GTWO activities to support next year include Bibles for schools, Indigenous Scripture materials, and distributing free Bibles.
This important mission has been brought back home because we live in an increasingly secular nation. The Christian values that have shaped and underpin our society are under steady attack. From debates about the definition of marriage to the perceived irrelevance of biblical literacy, the power of God’s word in the lives of
Australians keeps being challenged.

In 2017, we celebrate 200 years of sharing the Bible worldwide, through God’s provision of those who support us in prayer, time and finance.

It’s only fitting that in our bicentenary, we bring the mission back to where it all began.

This year, partner with us to fundraise and get behind Get The Word Out all around this country.

After 200 years, the Bible is here for good. Let’s make sure our nation knows all about it.

To find out more about GTWO 2017, and to download resources, see

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