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Jesus Racing

The Jesus Racing Team is a unique and high-impact ministry.

Andrew ‘Fishtail’ Fisher drives the Jesus Ute in the Auto One V8 Ute series, using his racing car as a mobile billboard to spread the name of Jesus.

Last year he finished third in the Yokohama V8 Ute Series.

Off the track, Andrew utilises his profile as a racing car driver for the ‘Life Choices’ program which last year saw him speak to 50,000 high school students and detainees at many of Australia’s Juvenile Justice Centres.

Life Choices

‘Life Choices’ sees Andrew address young people about the importance of making positive decisions, and thinking through the consequences of their decisions.

The Jesus Ute on the race circuit

He challenges the students to be courageous, while discussing topics including smoking, drinking, drugs, teenage sex and speeding.

He’s not telling the students what to do, he’s asking them if they have the courage to think about the consequences of their actions.

Andrew would like to speak at a school near you. You can make this happen.

Click HERE to have the Jesus Racing Team visit a High School near you.

The Jesus Racing Team is making an enormous impact. Find out more

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