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The Easter Story Animations

Available here for viewing and free download are four short animated clips which tell the Easter story directly from the Bible. Watch the videos below, and visit Vimeo to download a copy.

Designed for use in SCHOOLS MINISTRY are two animations which give an overview of Jesus’ life and death, and tell of his resurrection:

  1. Introduction to the Easter Story
  2. ‘Jesus is Alive’ (Mark 16:1-7)

Designed for use in CHURCH MINISTRIES are two additional animations, which tell the story of Jesus’ death on the cross. Combined with the animation on Jesus’ resurrection, they tell the Easter story directly from the Bible (CEV):

  1. ‘Jesus on the Cross’ (Mark 15:22-32)
  2. ‘The Death of Jesus’ (Mark 15:33-39)
  3. ‘Jesus is Alive’ (Mark 16:1-7)
Also available are age specific (4-12yr old) lesson plans and activity sheets, which can be used with the animations. To download these, click on the link below:
For Easter children’s animations translated into Chinese, click here.

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