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In Bible Society’s quarterly supporter magazine, read in depth articles on the work of the Bible around the world.
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Bible Society will send you our quarterly and special appeals, updates on the projects you’ve helped to support and how you can continue to spread God’s Word around the world.
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Each month, Bible Society puts together a prayer newsletter, with praise and prayer points from all the projects we’re involved within Australia and around the world. We would love it if you join us in praying for God’s work.
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Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.08.49 pm Daily Bible
We’re sending out daily Bible verses, with a question to think about and suggested further readings, to keep you going with your daily Bible reading habit. Each month, we have a different theme or Book of the Bible that we’re exploring.
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Eternity News

Published by Bible Society Australia, Eternity is a national newspaper for Australian Christians, uniting them, sharing in their witness and encouraging them by revealing what God is doing in our nation.

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Get online Christian news, testimonies, book and film reviews, opinion pieces
plus the latest news from Bible Societies around the world in our weekly e-newsletter.
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Be among the first to see the latest edition of Eternity’s monthly newspaper, by subscribing to our digital alerts.
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