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yesHEis wants to help you share your faith online

NEWS | Tess Holgate
Thursday 17 September 2015

It’s getting more difficult to share the Christian faith in the public sphere, and no area has attracted more vitriol than the world of social media. yesHEis is doing something unique to try and change that.

yesHEis are behind a new campaign that aims to help Christians share the gospel online. The website is run by Christian Vision, a UK-based charity that has been around for 30 years. They are committed to helping Christians share their faith through media, radio, television, film, and now, online. yesHEis is a library of Christian content from around the Internet that offers a bridge to the gospel.

Last year yesHEis launched their #goeverywhere campaign, a two minute video expressing the hope held out in the gospel.

This year, they have a new video (watch below), and a lot more people to reach with what they’re calling a global thunderclap.

Stu Harris, manager of yesHEis, says, “the reality is that not a lot of people are sharing their faith in Australia, and we wondered why.

“It came down to two things. One, people are afraid or worried about what people will think of them, especially on social media where it’s hard to talk about Christianity without being labelled a bigot. And two, they don’t know how to do it online.”

From there, yesHEis decided to create an opportunity for people to experiment with sharing their faith online. They believed people wanted to point to the hope they had in Jesus, they just needed a little help.

“If we can raise curiosity online,” says Harris, “so people see that Jesus is trending on Twitter, friends might say, ‘you’re a Christian. Why are you so loud and out there all of a sudden?’ And we can explain that God is good, gracious, loving and kind and he wants to know [everyone].”

Harris hopes it’ll be a catalyst that will start conversations about Jesus, but he doesn’t think the video is the final word on questions of Christian faith. All he wants is for people to see it and think, “where’s the nearest Christian, I want to ask more.”

“If God creates a moment where we have a conversation with a friend, then that conversation is where things will happen.

“Could God use the Internet to move the gospel? Absolutely!” says Harris. “In ancient times God used the Roman road to move the gospel. The Internet is the modern Roman road.

“The only thing stopping this thing from going viral is us,” says Harris.

A global thunderclap is coming. Are you ready?

You can sign up to the #goeverywhere2015 campaign, here.

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