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Worldwide rallies take place in solidarity with Iraqi Christians

NEWS | Sophie Timothy

Monday 28th July 2014

As thousands of displaced Iraqi Christians from the ancient city of Nineveh (modern day Mosul) move into Kurdish areas of the country, Christians and Muslims around the world are taking part in rallies demonstrating their support for the persecuted population, with worldwide protests planned for the coming weekend.

Last Monday, Eternity reported Christians in Mosul had been warned by Islamic militant group ISIS to leave, convert or die, with the majority fleeing in fear and facing huge taxes on their property and money before escaping.

By the end of the week we’d stopped the press to change the cover of our August edition of the paper to the arabic letter ‘N’, ن​ in solidarity with Iraqi Christians whose houses had been marked by ISIS. Thousands of Christians around the world have chosen to change their profile picture on social media to the symbol in a powerfully subversive act. #WeareN has been trending on Twitter for the last week.

Image: Assyrian International News Agency

Image: Assyrian International News Agency

Over the weekend rallies were held in cities around the world, including outside the British Parliament in London, Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, Cologne in Germany and Washington DC. There have also been protests in Iraq, including a rally outside the UN building in Erbil, a Kurdish area of Iraq.

Plans have today been announced for a worldwide “Rally to stop the Genocide of Christians in the Middle East” next Saturday, August 2. Called #DemandforAction, the protest movement is planning to centre its attention on the UN, with a rally planned for 10AM outside the United Nations building in New York, but local rallies are being organised around the world, including one in Martin Place, Sydney.

Also in Australia, the National Council of Churches is calling on the government to use its position on the UN Security Council to get the international community to pay attention to the suffering of Iraqi Christians. The group has sent $30,000 to the refugee camps in Erbil to go towards aid for the persecuted Iraqi Christians.

In 2014, Bible Society Australia is working with Bible Society in Iraq, the only source for Scriptures and Christian literature in the country. You can help us reach Iraqi people with the Bible by donating today. 

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