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Saturday 2 March 2013

Debunking megachurch myths, especially the one about sheep swapping – Ed Stetzer
Ed Stetzer outlines the 9 big myths about megachurches, including ‘all megachurches are alike’, ‘megachurches water down the faith’ and that ‘megachurches steal sheep’. Read full blog here.

Bloody Facebook – Macarisms
The blogger was quite frustrated with the number of Facebook arguments coming about from John Dickson’s appearance on ABC’s Q&A: “When it comes to conflict, public Facebook is hopeless. Private messages and email at least constrain it between the people involved – until one, accidently or even deliberately, passes it on. Phone calls make it a bit more personal, especially if you’re willing to listen and not simply accuse. You can hear tone of voice, clarify, ask questions. Perhaps, skype can make things more personal still. But there’s no real substitute for meeting face-to-face, in-the-flesh. This is where disagreements are to be worked through.” Read full blog here.

The generation gap among Christian women – Her.Meneutics
“How did there come to be such a divide between older and younger women in the church? How is it that today’s generation of Christian women are more likely to list a celebrity like Angelina Jolie as their hero rather than a mentor, leader, or female friend in their own congregation? We, as Christian women over 40, have some work to do. The work I am referring to is about our call in building a close relationship with our younger sisters in Christ. We are being called to understand, learn, and listen to this next generation. Our authentic response will help more than we realize.” Read full blog here.

A look at possible papal contenders – CNN 
See a list of some cardinals considered “papabile,” according to John Allen, CNN analyst and correspondent for the National Catholic Reporter. Read full article.





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