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Andrew Robinson

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Friday 30 October 2015

Where do you live and go to church?

I live in Honiara, Solomon Islands and am part of the Kukum Campus South Seas Evangelical Church, as well as St Barnabas’ Anglican Cathedral.

What was the first book of the Bible you ever read?

I remember proudly informing my parents that I’d read the whole book of Ecclesiastes in one evening when I was about seven, but I don’t know how much of that I really took in. One of the gospels was probably first.

Name a Bible character you resonate with and why.

Probably Peter – not because I share his gifts or place in church history but because he’s so human: full of bravado, often slightly missing the point, yet having a passion for following Christ that remains undeterred.

Where do you read the Bible?

I’ve struggled to have good routines with my Bible reading. At the moment I’m reading it in bed before I sleep, but I’m just as often reading it at my desk.

What’s one thing from the Bible that’s stuck in your brain at the moment?

Ephesians 4:6 – where Paul says that the one God is over all and through all and in all. Writer Francis Spufford talks about ‘the God of everything,’ and that is the mind-boggling truth. We’re not playing games when we talk about God.

Name one part of the Bible you keep coming back to again and again and why.

I love the gospels. They’re constantly making me uncomfortable, often perplexing, but I just love looking into the face of Christ as I read them.

Describe one of your Bible reading failures and what you learnt.

I’ve always loved reading the Bible, but have always found it incredibly difficult to maintain a routine. In truth, I’ve never managed to faithfully keep a routine for more than a month. Perhaps what I’ve learnt is just to keep at it. Discipline doesn’t just happen (which is disappointing for me). I’ve just got to ask myself if I want to grow closer to God and if I want my life to reflect Jesus, and there’s no shortcuts apart from encountering him in the Scriptures.

What advice would you give someone struggling to read the Bible each day?

There are almost more Bible reading plans then pages of the Bible these days: digital, analogue – I just heard that there’s now one of these adult colouring books to help people meditate on Scripture. Keep trying. That’s what I keep telling myself, too. The goal – Christlikeness – is worth pursuing.

And just for fun, if you were a monster what would be your defining feature?

Lustrous, silky fur – maybe channeling Sully from Monsters, Inc. Or huge eyes. That could see way more colours than humans are able to.

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