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Quiz Worx shows kids the way

NEWS | Matt Gorton
Eternity #68 April 2016

Don’t you just love it when something you have been working on finally comes to fruition? I certainly do.

I have been writing Bible-based, Jesus-centred puppet shows for schools and ministries for over 15 years now. And each time one is written, refined and performed I get a great sense of excitement.

The theme for this year’s school show is “What is the Way to God?” This is surely one of the biggest questions a person can ever ask themselves.

As I was working on the script I was aware that so many people answer this question in so many different ways. So when the question is asked, the puppet responds with a note of despair: “How can anyone know the way to God?! There are so many different opinions out there! Is it by being good? Or being religious? And if it’s by being religious, which religion is the right one; or does it not matter and they all end up getting to God in the end?”

Quiz Worx performer Kim Hayde and Scruff the dog.

Quiz Worx performer Kim Hayde and Scruff the dog.

These are (surprisingly) insightful questions from our puppets. As I was writing the show I was left with the tension: How do we answer such questions in a clear, creative and respectful way?

What we seek to do is to make clear what Christians believe. Christians believe that Jesus is the way to God, because that is what Jesus says (John 14:6).

The puppet is incredulous. “How can Jesus say such a thing? He would have to prove such a massive claim.”

We then use accounts from the Gospel of John, to show that what Jesus did was like signs showing that he was God’s one and only son, and so he does know the way to God.

Finally, we encourage the children to investigate the claims of Jesus for themselves.

We have just started performing this show in schools, and have been so encouraged by the positive response from both teachers and students. One teacher wrote:

“The kids didn’t have time to get bored because of the constant laughs … changes in story and pumpin’ music! And yet … the serious parts of the show were just as accepted by the kids as the fun jokes, puppets and songs.” (Paul, The Oaks)

It really is great when what you’ve been working on comes to fruition!

This year Quiz Worx is hoping to share the message of Jesus with over 70,000 kids throughout Australia. For more information:

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