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Pray through Ramadan

NEWS | Tess Holgate
Wednesday 10 June 2015

Starting on June 17, Muslim communities all around the world will observe Ramadan, a month-long fast where Muslims abstain from food and focus on prayer to reorient their lives towards a higher purpose.

Open Doors, an organisation that serves persecuted Christians worldwide is “encouraging Christians to pray for Muslims while they fast throughout the month of Ramadan as well as for Christians living in Muslim majority nations.”

They have produced a calendar that runs for the full month of Ramadan to “assist Christians in prayer for the Muslim community and for Christians living in predominately Muslim nations. While Muslims seek to re-examine their lives and lifestyles in the context of a higher purpose, Open Doors is encouraging Christians to pray that God would reveal Himself to them.”

The prayer points on the calendar are focused on countries where Muslims make up the majority of the population. “These prayer points are meant to help better equip Christians in prayer at this time while providing to an opportunity to learn more about the church worldwide.”

Anyone who wants to pray through Ramadan can download the one-page calendar here for free.


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