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Open arms and open Bibles in Nicaragua


October 2015

Candida Rodriguez felt frightened and alone when she brought her sick three-year-old daughter Lilibeth to the Hospital Infantil Manuel de Jesus Rivera La Mascota in the capital of Nicaragua.

Candida, a member of the indigenous Miskito people, had to leave her four older children at home in Puerto Cabezas, and travel by ambulance for 24 hours to reach Managua city, 595km away.

After assessing her daughter, doctors told Candida that Lilibeth was suffering from leukaemia and faced a long stay in hospital.

In the midst of their pain, a squad of pastors and Bible Society volunteers began to visit the mother and daughter to offer spiritual support.

“When the doctors told me that my daughter had cancer, I felt very sad, and I thought she was going to die because the cancer was all over her body and she was very weak,” recalls Candida.

When Lilibeth, now 6, was ill, volunteers helped Candida find peace in the Bible.

When Lilibeth, now 6, was ill, volunteers helped Candida find peace in the Bible.

“There were some very difficult moments. We were alone, with no family, without support, without money, without understanding anything and I was very afraid of losing my child.

“The doctors told me that my child should receive many treatments of chemotherapy and radiation and had to be hospitalised for about three months, which became nine months. I was crying all the time because I felt helpless.”

Shyly, Candida responded to the friendship offered by Bible Society volunteers and began attending daily devotions at the hospital. There Lilibeth and her mother learned how to pray to God for help.

They were also given free Bibles and learned stories that inspired them to have faith in God.

The story of Abraham touched Candida’s heart and strengthened her faith, even as it was tested during many painful experiences.

The worst came when Lilibeth developed heart complications and had to be rushed to the ICU.

“The most painful part for me was not being able to enter the room where she was,” she recalls with tears in her eyes. “As I was crying at the door, I just felt that I was dying of the pain of not being with my daughter. A lot of people around me were looking at me, but I didn’t care. I just wanted to give my life to save my child.”

At that moment a Bible Society volunteer approached Candida and gave her a hug, then began praying for her daughter.

“I felt a little relieved because I felt I was not alone and God was in that place. The volunteer was with me all the time, giving me the support I needed.

“He shared Bible passages that encouraged me and filled me with peace. One of those was Psalm 91.”

Candida believes it was the power of God that helped Lilibeth heal quickly and make a full recovery.

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