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On not going to heaven, running from conflict and modern missionaries + more


Saturday 18 July 2015

Here’s what we’ve been reading (or are looking forward to!) this week:

Modern day missionaries on ABC

Coming up this Sunday night at 6.30pm on ABC, the Compass program profiles two families from Urban Neighbours of Hope, a Christian mission movement. The McCartney family live in a flimsy shack built on polluted swampland in Thailand’s biggest slum, Klong Toey. A world away in Bidwill, one of Sydney’s toughest suburbs, Jon and Lisa Owen have thrown open their doors to whoever needs shelter, food and love. Choosing to live among those facing poverty and disadvantage these young families form relationships and friendships with their neighbours and make a commitment to spend up to eight years living and working in these very different communities.

You are not going to heaven

John Stackhouse (who was on Q&A this week) says you are not going to heaven, but that’s a good thing.

“Where you want to go, and where you think you’re going, affects who you think you are, what you value, and what you try to do. We are not going backward to the Eden. We are not going up to heaven. We are not going upward to Utopia. We are going forward to the new city and the new earth. And we do so in the presence and power of God Almighty, who never fails in what he does and always does what is right and good.” Read more … 

Running from conflict and persecution

The Guardian has put together a powerful interactive map of the top sources of the world’s refugees, and where they’re fleeing. View it here … 


Does ‘gentle’ describe your tone when disagreeing online? 

Steve Kryger, the blogger behind Communicate Jesus, thinks we’ve forgotten how to speak to each other. “What concerns me is that Christian disagreement online too often resembles nothing more than a profanity-free version of what is said by unbelievers.” Read more … 

A hijab is not a burka

Elisabeth Becker on First Things says we continue to talk about the hijab and burka in the wrong way.

“If we are going to outlaw the hijab for religious reasons, be prepared to toss out your crosses, kippahs, Star of David, and Sanskrit tattoos (among other emblems). And if we are going to outlaw the hijab for feminist reasons, be prepared to say goodbye to your Kate Spade kitten heels.” Read more … 

Australian men 

Katoomba Christian Convention in New South Wales is having its Men’s Convention, called Basecamp, in August and they’ve compiled some sobering statistics on the challenges Aussie men face and the need to help them renew their strength in Jesus. Check it out here:


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