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Gospel Coalition Australia officially open for business

NEWS | Tess Holgate
Monday 13 July 2015

There was a soft launch in April, but this month The Gospel Coalition Australia (TGCA) will be formally launched at an event in Brisbane.

TGCA is an alliance of reformed evangelical Christians. In the US, TGC features big name preachers and writers such as Don Carson, Kevin de Young, Tim Keller and John Piper.

The Australian Council hopes TGCA will unite all Christians around the core of the gospel. Some of the Australian leaders are Peter Adam (former principal of Ridley College and Vicar of St. Jude’s Melbourne), David Starling (lecturer in New Testament at Morling College, Sydney), and Gary Millar (principal of Queensland Theological College).

More people from Sydney accessed the US Gospel Coalition website in 2014 than any other city outside the US, which sparked a plan to create TGCA – uniquely Australian content for Australian Christians.

TGCA Council Chair and Principal of Queensland Theological College, Gary Millar, says, “the purpose of TGCA is to encourage people to gather around the gospel, to be clear on the gospel, and to encourage one another to get the gospel out.

“In many parts of Australia, people are recognising the need for reformed evangelicals to work together effectively.

“We’ve been very encouraged by the response to the website. I think people have welcomed the initiative, and the effort to give a reformed evangelical perspective on life and ministry in Australia from an Australian perspective.

So far, TGCA has a council and a website. Beyond that there isn’t anything, yet. Millar says, “we’re working out how to serve the church best. We can see multiple ways in which we potentially might serve the church, but we don’t want to duplicate things. We’re aware that the needs of each state and territory are very different.

“Come to the launch to identify with brothers and sisters around the gospel, to be encouraged in the gospel and to be part of what may be a significant moment in the life of the church in Australia. Come because it’ll be brilliant!”

The formal launch will be held at 7pm on July 23 at Brisbane City Hall. Internationally renowned scholar, bible teacher and co-founder of The Gospel Coalition in the US, Don Carson, will be in town for the week and speaking at the launch which aims to celebrate our unity in the gospel. You can buy tickets here.

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