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Cubans celebrate Bible invasion


September 2015

With Christianity in Cuba blossoming at a rate of 10-25 per cent a year, Bible Society Australia is partnering with the Biblical Commission of Cuba and other Bible Societies to provide one million Bibles to churches and Christians in Cuba.

As thousands of new Bibles pour into the country, Sunday School teacher Juana (above) is very happy. She had been waiting many years for a new Bible, so to own the sparkling new volume was “very special”. 

She finds the new Bible’s simple language better for interpreting and sharing the message of God.

“This Bible is very useful to prepare my Sunday School lessons,” she says. “It is a blessing because the text is clearer, and understandable. This is just great!”

Juana already owned a Bible, but it had been passed down to her second hand, and was very damaged from constant use.

“For me this is the first new Bible I have,” she says. “It is very useful for my ministry and it is special for me to share the word of God with other adult women and girls, members of the church, new believers or any relative or neighbour who is interested in learning about God.”

Recent political reforms have created a climate in which Cubans are more open about their spiritual beliefs. But many Christians in Cuba do not have their own Bible.

Baptist pastor Rafael Escudero Garcia says the Cuban church needs these new Bibles for two reasons:

Juana receives her Bible.

Juana receives her Bible.

Mayelis is another Cuban woman who was thrilled to receive her first Bible. “For a long time, almost for five years, I was using my mother-in-law’s Bible. Then the person who talked to me about Jesus lent me one but just temporarily. Now we finally can have our own Bible,” she says.

“This Bible represents a great blessing from God and it represents an opportunity to share the gospel with my husband, who is not Christian, but is interested in knowing about the word of God.

“Now we can read it together. In that way he is more involved and he can not only know the word of God but also about Jesus.”

Both Mayelis and Juana stressed how grateful they were to God for the generosity of the Bible Society in providing these new Bibles.

Reverend Alain Montano Hernandez, General Secretary of the Biblical Commission of Cuba, says:

He adds: “This is a project that will transform the life of many Cubans, that will strengthen the church and will bring hope with the gospel of Jesus Christ to our nation that is needing the word that changes, transforms and gives life – the word of God.”

Pastor Alysney Rodriguez Galan, Assistant Secretary for Projects of the Biblical Commission of Cuba, also thanks “the donors and all those who have extended their hand for supporting Cuba, the Bible work in our country, and for making this dream come true.

“This is going to be a blessing, not only for our churches but also all the communities and people in our country. May God bless you.”


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