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Christians to blame for Trump, something great happening in schools, catch “Risen” now.

Obadiah Slope in the Piazza A. Gramsci in Buon Convento, a small town near Sienna

Obadiah Slope in the Piazza A. Gramsci in Buon Convento, a small town near Sienna

The Obadiah Slope column

Selfies: The last time Obadiah was in Italy he collected a number of pictures of himself standing under the street signs saying things like “Piazza Gramsci”. That is because Antonio Gramsci, who was jailed by Mussolini, was the one Marxist Obadiah believes was worth listening to. Early on he realized that “the battle for position” meant that the world of ideas in the media and academia would determine the outcome for society. Social power and influence rather than violence on the Leninist model would win.

Well Lenin’s proletarian revolution is dead but Gramsci’s “long march through the institutions” (as student leader Rudi Dutschke called it) goes on. It all came back to life for this prophet this week when one of the leaders of the Safe Schools Coalition was outed as an unreconstructed Marxist. Obadiah is kind of glad there are still some of those about.

Obadiah’s point? Christians are on their long march. It will be long.

ABC News: Chris Uhlmann of the ABC traversed the long march and reported in the Australian back in February that Gramsci’s disciples are strangling free speech. Some views, they say should never be put. Obadiah was not shocked by that news, but rather than the Political editor of the ABC would criticise cultural Marxism. Whatever happened to the ABC groupthink? Aren’t they all lefties over there?

Super Trump day: Donald Trumps string of victories in the Republican primaries held on Super Tuesday were narrower than predicted. Which leads to an uncomfortable truth: he won because Christians voted for him.

Rise up: Want to do something evangelistic that does not involve a church building? Take someone to see “Risen” a movie that examines the evidence for the resurrection through the eyes of a Roman soldier. It is showing in regular cinemas, but the session times are slowly being reduced. So now is the time to see this movie.

On the road: Here’s another good plotline: “The Bible says that Jesus is the Way to God. And we believe this because Jesus performed many signs to show that he was God’s one and only Son, and so he does know the way to God.” That’s from a new show “What is the Way?” by the Quiz Worx team that tours puppet shows to schools. They have 13 tours planned for 2016, and are heading to the Riverina and Brisbane first up.

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