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Christians respond to Safe Schools Coalition teaching materials

COMMENTARY  |  John Sandeman & Kaley Payne

Friday 12 February 2016

Eternity has gathered thoughtful responses to the “All Of Us” schools resource produced by the Safe Schools Coalition and Minus 18. The resource raises issues ranging from bullying of LGBTI students, the sexualisation of young people and whether schools (or society) should accept a wide range of sexual expression. For Christians who believe LGBTI lifestyles are outside the will of God there is also the issue of whether Christian students will be marginalised at schools running Safe Schools Coalition activities.

1) Is there a need for a special focus on bullying of LGBTI students? (The point is often raised that this is a small part of the bullying problem)

by Gordon Preece, Director of Ethos: EA Centre for Christianity and Society

2) Does “All of Us” go beyond the anti bullying mandate and promote an LGBTI point of view?

by Wendy Francis, Australian Christian Lobby

3) How should Christian parents respond to sex education?

by Patricia Weerakoon, Christian sexologist

4)  Does the Safe Schools Coalition take an agenda into the classroom?

by David Hastie, education expert

5) When school makes Christian kids feel like the enemy

Case study: A school in Sydney held a Rainbow mufti day to celebrate sexual diversity. This is how one Christian student responded. 

6) The ten per cent statistic and other issues

by Peter Abetz, WA state Liberal MP

7) What is missing from this discussion? 

by John Sandeman, Eternity Editor

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