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Christian party gets boost in post-Tony Abbott era

NEWS  |  John Sandeman

Monday 1 February 2016

Conservative political parties are benefiting from the change of Prime Minister from Tony Abbott to Malcolm Turnbull. The Christian Democratic Party (part of a group also known as “Australian Christians” in some states) is picking up members as the fallout from the leadership switch continues.

“On average, we’ve received 10-20 new memberships a month from disenchanted Liberal party members who have been very vocal in their mistrust of the current government and Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and who have declared that they will not be voting Liberal again,” Greg Bondar, CDP Federal Director tells Eternity.

It is a trickle, but a few keen members will help make sure the party’s “how to votes” are handed out.

South Australian Senator Bob Day told Eternity that his Family First party had also received an increased level of inquiries. Family First is a conservative party that seeks a broader base than Christians.

The Christian Democratic Party has issued an appeal as “the only true conservative alternative”, although Senator Day might care to differ. “The CDP now invites all disenchanted Liberal party voters to cast their votes and membership with the only true ‘Conservative Alternative’ option being the Christian Democratic Party,” said Greg Bondar.

These parties clearly believe that a perception that the Coalition government has moved to the centre will make more space for them on the right. It is likely that they will continue to seek to appeal to people who see themselves as both conservative politically or socially and Christian, rather than Christians more generally.

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