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Greg Clarke and John Dickson discuss ‘The Bible’ TV series, episode by episode



Watch Bible Society Australia CEO Greg Clarke discuss ‘The Bible’ TV miniseries with John Dickson from Centre For Public Christianity:

A Message From Greg Clarke, Bible Society Australia CEO:

It’s a pretty tall order to cram 1600 years or so of action and 2000 world-changing pages into 10 hours of TV. But that’s what you get in ground-breaking ‘The Bible’ mini-series airing now on Channel 9. The epic that has gripped America is due to screen in Australia—and we are a much more cynical bunch! Will Aussies get into the series as much as the Americans did? I guess that’s up to you.

As CEO of the Bible Society in Australia, I’d encourage everyone to view this series. It vividly brings to life the incredible narratives of Scripture, raising all the profound issues of human behaviour—courageous, wicked, faithful, faithless, admirable, despicable—that can be found in the Bible’s pages. It challenges us to lift our eyes from our own lives, to history, to eternal matters, and to God himself.

This is a moment when the Bible goes ‘public’ in Australia, occupying the senses and the minds of many Australians for five weeks of viewing. Can I urge you to make the most of this opportunity to debate, discuss and explore the Book of Books with your family and friends, church groups and colleagues? If they’ve seen the movie, they really ought to get into the book!

Every Christian will have a different reaction to this series (“They left out X!” “I can’t believe how they depicted Y!”). This is all part of bringing the Bible to life today. My hope is that every Australian, regardless of their faith, will be moved by ‘The Bible’ series to go deeper, to pick up a Bible and read it, to talk about it with those around them, and to consider its extraordinary claims about Jesus Christ.

My prayer is that the eyes and ears of Aussies will be overwhelmed by the living Word of God in the weeks to come.

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