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American Church the 4th most trusted institution

Wednesday 17 June 2015

A new poll reveals that Americans trust the church (or organised religion) less than the police, the military, and small business, but more than public schools, newspapers, banks and the President.

Only forty two per cent of Americans have confidence in the church, down two percentage points from the previous low of 44 per cent in 2012.

Since 1973, on average fifty five per cent of Americans have had confidence in the church.

The church was the most trusted institution from 1973 through 1988, except for one year where the military enjoyed the prime position. The church has not enjoyed the prime position since. However, the Gallop report suggests that confidence across almost all American institutions is below historical norms.

Gallup suggests that “The large decline in confidence in organised religion is likely tied to a decline in religiosity overall, but also to scandals that have plagued various religious organisations, most notably the Catholic Church.”

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