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12,000 Syrian refugees, the problem for pastors + more

Saturday 12 September 2015

The biggest news of the week is almost certainly the Abbott governments decision to welcome a further 12,000 refugees fleeing the Syrian conflict zone. Churches and Christians have welcomed the decision, with many different groups going to extraordinary lengths to find beds to house these vulnerable people. If you missed the announcement, here’s our summary.

On a related note, op-ed contributor for The Guardian UK, Giles Fraser, pointed out the hypocrisy of claiming a Christian heritage while having an exclusionary refugee policy. He says, “there is no respectable Christian argument for fortress Europe, surrounded by a new iron curtain of razor wire to keep poor, dark-skinned people out. Indeed, the moral framework that our prime minister so frequently references – and to which he claims some sort of vague allegiance – is crystal clear about the absolute priority of our obligation to refugees.” What do you think?

In other news, heavyweight theologian J.I. Packer reveals the book of the Bible that he likes the most. This is his description of the author: “I see him as a reflective senior citizen, a public teacher of wisdom, something of a stylist and wordsmith.” Can you guess the book?

In an open letter to pastors, Jen Hatmaker writes, “90 percent of you believe you inadequately manage the demands of your job, and half of you are so discouraged, you would abandon ministry if you had another job option. Any career in which 90 percent of the laborers feel insufficient indicates a fundamental problem. When your nearly unanimous cry is “I cannot do it all,” maybe the answer is simple: You actually cannot do it all and should quit trying.” How is your pastor going? Could you encourage them this week?

And for those of you who like a pun, here are some punny church signs for your amusement.


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