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A Quick Guide to the Bible

The Bible often looks daunting and it is difficult to know where to start.

The Bible is not one book but a collection of writings by people from many and varied backgrounds. Each writer was guided by the Holy Spirit of God, yet their individuality and character is still evident.

It is all one story, however – about God, who loves his creation so much that he himself paid the price that would restore humanity to fellowship with God. The Old Testament looks forward to, and the New Testament centres on, the life, death and resurrection of God’s Son, Jesus Christ.

The purpose of the Bible is to show us who God is, what God is like, and what he has done. As we read its words we understand more of what God in his love requires from us.

The Bible, created from Hebrew and Christian Scriptures, has been history’s most influential writing.  The very idea of a book arose to enable cumbersome Biblical scrolls to be cut up and bound together.  The ongoing impact in the world of the invention of the book is incalculable.

During its 2000-year life, the Christian Bible has been translated into over 2,500 languages.





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