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Current: What the world needs now

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love,”the song goes. Absolutely – and yet the world needs more than love. In the West we’re more anxious than ever, feeling the weight of too much choice and measuring our worth by our achievements. It’s a good thing, then, that Jesus brings so many blessings to a needy world. Series runs February 5 – February 11. Prepared by Justine Toh.

Coming Up: New Life

It’s easy for God’s people to get distracted by the trials and temptations that plague us as we live life in the world. Romans5-8 teaches us who we really are – the people of God who have been bought by the blood of Christ, destined for eternity. Series runs February 19 – February 25. Prepared by Vaughan Olliffe.


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January 22 – February 4
In a world in thrall to the extraordinary, the word “ordinary” is a dirty word. But God delights in, indeed calls us into the ordinary, and in it we find out how extraordinary he is.
Download the PDF
Hope for uncertain times
January 8-21
Sometimes life throws curve balls at us. Sometimes it feels as if we’re wading through a pit full of curve balls. In the midst of uncertainty, the Bible offers us surprising words of comfort, which tell us of God’s promise to never leave or forsake us.
Download the PDF
Who needs Jesus? You need Jesus
December 25 – January 7
Are you wealthy or poor? You need Jesus. Are you religious or an atheist? You need Jesus. Are you guilty or innocent? You need Jesus. Are you a child or an elderly person? You need Jesus. Are you successful or a failure? You need Jesus. Are you a boss or a slave? You need Jesus. We all need Jesus.
Download the PDF
People at prayer
December 11-24
Our discipleship and our prayer lives are encouraged and challenged as we reflect on the people we meet at prayer in the Bible.
Download the PDF
The longest Psalm
November 27 – December 10
The longest Psalm is a bit frightening, even for experienced Bible readers! Join us as we walk through this long poem, and be refreshed by God’s word to your soul.
Download the PDF
A journey through James
November 13 – 26
James writes to encourage believers to live consistently with what they have learnt in Christ. He wants them to mature in their faith by living what they say they believe. Join us as we journey through James.
Download the PDF
Dealing with conflict
October 30 – November 12
Conflict happens. Among Christians. Jesus and the writers of the New Testament promised conflict would come – for good and bad reasons.
Download the PDF
You are in Christ
October 16 – 29
The New Testament is full of statements about what it means to be “in Christ”. How do these statements feed into our understanding of who we are, and how that influences how we live in today’s world?
Download the PDF
God is on the move
October 2 – 15
We need to be reminded that God is on the move in people’s lives all over the world, just as he was in biblical times.
Download the PDF
You are what you worship
September 18 – October 1
To be human is to worship, and to worship is to be transformed. In this series we’ll explore how being human is to be shaped into the image of the gods we worship in the world, and how our humanity and our worship are recaptured in Christ.
Download the PDF
Right person? Right place? Right time?
September 4 – 17
Often it seems that God has placed us right where he wants us, to do some particular job or task. But we are good at finding excuses. We don’t want to do it. Or we don’t believe we’re right for the job. But God has always tended to pick unlikely candidates to serve his purposes.
Download the PDF
Building on Christ’s commands
August 21 – September 3
While repentance and obedience might be the least sexy words in the church today, they are the only authentic and joy-filled response to the gospel of a crucified yet resurrected king and his kingdom. So hear Jesus’ words: “whoever hears [the Sermon on the Mount] and puts [it] into practice are like a wise person who built their house on a rock” (Matt.7:24).
Download the PDF
Out of Darkness
August 7 – 20
There are times in life where things seem darker or more clouded. What light can God’s word bring to those living in darkness? Download the PDF
Performing the Prophets
July 27 – August 6
The prophets of the Old Testament were performers: embodying God’s message and modelling it in their own lives; adapting older traditions to bring a fresh message to new audiences; using rhetoric and poetry to powerfully shape their words; and encouraging honest responses to God due to an understanding of faith that is active and growing in every generation. Download the PDF
Virtue and Vice
July 10 – 26
Virtues are habits of character that help you get the most out of life, and vice is self-destructive. This series reflects on the virtues emphasised in the Scriptures, and the role of the Spirit in helping us to flourish. Download the PDF
Love for the Lord’s Anointed
June 26 – July 9
What does it mean to love the Lord’s anointed king? In this series, we’ll be looking at the interactions between David and Jonathan, David and his wife Michal, and David and Saul, to see how they loved God’s chosen king. Download the PDF
Follow the leader
June 12 – 25
What does it mean to lead? Through the Gospel of John, we meet Jesus as teacher, leader, servant and friend: what can we learn about leadership by following the servant king? Download the PDF
Practicing the presence of God in your neighbourhood
May 29 – June 11
God calls us into relationship with himself and with others. Yet often our spirituality fleshes out as inward oriented and withdrawing from the world. This study will help us to practise the “spirituality of Jesus”, lived for the sake of others so that they might know his love and live in the kingdom of God. Download the PDF
Lessons in 1 John
May 15-28
1 John was written to followers of Jesus “so that you may know that you have eternal life.” As we study this short letter, we will discover profound yet highly practical teaching on the nature and person of Jesus and how we should respond to him in faith, obedience and love. Download the PDF
Infertility – Where’s God when there’s no baby?
May 1-14, 2016
With one in six families experiencing infertility, we will all know people who have struggled or will struggle to have children. When life hasn’t turned out as we thought it would, is there any comfort to be found from God? Download the PDF
Colossians – The Empire or Kingdom of God?
April 17-30, 2016
What does it look like to be a Christian in our world? Paul’s letter to the Colossians addresses people ensconced in the ethics of the Roman Empire. Jesus challenged Christians to follow a new set of values. Will we follow the ‘Empire’ that surrounds us or will we embody the counter-cultural values of the reign of God? Download the PDF
Bearing spiritual fruit
April 3-16, 2016
God’s plan is that, as we follow Jesus, we become increasingly like in all areas of our lives. In this series we will examine this way of spiritual growth through the lens of the “fruit of the Spirit”. Download the PDF
Easter: the making of the people of God
March 20-April 2, 2016
Holy week, culminating in Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, is the high point of the Christian year. What an opportunity to particularly remember and celebrate God’s long-term plan to establish a people for himself, through the atoning death of his son. Download the PDF
The light of all people
March 6-19, 2016
If there was ever a time to know that darkness has invaded our world, it’s now. Desperate refugees surge across Europe and the Middle East; we dread the next news story of the latest terror attack; and we bury our heads in our own version of escapism. John’s opening words to his gospel offers certainty of God’s true light come into the darkness. Journey with us through this prologue and receive Jesus, God’s light of all people. Download the PDF
Three decades that changed the world
February 21 – March 5, 2016
The first 30 years of the Christian church spanned a period of great growth, which was matched by an unfailing integrity among those who followed. As we reflect on these days, we catch a glimpse of what a Spirit-transformed community of Jesus Christ is like. Download the PDF
Wisdom for the everyday
February 7 – 20, 2016
In the book of Proverbs we find timeless wisdom on living and working in a godless world. Proverbs call us repeatedly to listen to what God is trying to say to us. They call us to think about our choices in life and their consequences. Like Jesus’ parables, these Proverbs present us with choices and call us to act wisely as our responsive action. Download the PDF
Take this message to all the world
January 24 – February 6, 2016
The last thing Jesus told us to do was to share the good news of salvation! As believers, this is one of our top priorities. Join us as we journey through the New Testament in search of why and how we should always be ready to give an answer for the hope that we have. Download the PDF
Revealed in word and deed: following Jesus through John’s gospel
January 10 – 23, 2016
John’s gospel is both remarkable and unique. It helps us to see exactly who Jesus Christ is, and calls us into a deeper sense of purpose.  Our faith is strengthened as we observe him more closely. This revelation is brought to a climax in his death and resurrection. As he writes his gospel, John gives us glimpses into the transforming power at work. As we follow him, our lives are changed. Download the PDF
Hope for another world, faith for today
December 27, 2015 – January 9, 2016
Praying the Psalms: Bonhoeffer called the Psalms “the prayer book of the Bible.” In these readings, we will read not only to understand but to shape and lift our prayers towards God. Could there be a better way to start the new year? Download the PDF 
This Christmas it’s all about … waiting
December 13 – December 26, 2015
Christmas has been done to death. Every year, for the past 2000 years, it’s just been the same old story told over again and over again and over again. So forget everything you know about Christmas, because we’re going to travel back in time to get a sense of why this particular birthday is the one we keep celebrating year after year. Download the PDF
14 reasons to sing
November 29 – December 12, 2015
The Bible is full of commands to sing and we have good reasons to! Join us in discovering why Christians sing. Download the PDF
You should always smile as God’s exile
November 15-28, 2015
In the midst of scorn and shame for following Jesus, our hope is secure in God, full of joy, and will one day be realised. Download the PDF
Don’t lose heart
November 1-14, 2015
When St Paul described the Christian life as a race, he wasn’t referring to a sprint. Following Jesus can be hard: trouble and doubts assail us, and sometimes God’s promises seem so far from fulfilment. But the Scriptures are full of encouragement for us when our faith is weak. Download the PDF
October 18-31, 2015
The book of Acts is the template for the church. We need the same boldness and passion to share the gospel as the Apostles, and the same strength under persecution. Download the PDF
Hope for another world, faith for today: readings in Hebrews 11-12
October 4-17, 2015
Faith is the defining feature of the Christian and the Christian life. We are people who believe. We live lives of trust in God. These readings look closely at what it means to have faith. Download the PDF
Bravado, denial and second chances
September 20 – October 3, 2015
Simon Peter has always been someone I would love to have dinner with. Or go fishing with. We get such an unusually full portrait of the man, from his initial encounter with Jesus by the Sea of Galilee, to the heights of the Transfiguration, to the depths of his denial of Jesus at his trial. He shows us what it means to follow Jesus, and we see it all: the moments of elation, doubt and repentance. Through the snapshots of his life we get throughout the New Testament, we get a glimpse of what a thoroughly Spirit-transformed life can look like. Download the PDF here
Between two words
September 6-19, 2015
The world we see is not all there is. Whatever our circumstances, our lives are secure in Christ in the world we cannot yet see. Download the PDF here
Sharing God’s strength
August 23 – September 5, 2015
God’s strength is our own. Christ’s life for ours. It is our something to say, our scandalous, marvellous secret to share. Series written by Laurel Moffatt, Sydney Christian blogger. Download the PDF here
Are there such things as human rights?
August 9-22, 
We live in a world where the term “human rights” is thrown about like a pawn in debates on education, health, freedom and equality. Do they exist? If they do, should Christians claim them? If they exist, should Christians defend the rights of others? Can we learn anything from the concept of human rights for our life in the world? Series written by Bible Society and Eternity writer, Tess Holgate. Download the PDF here
Showing the love of God
July 26 to August 8, 
The love of God does things to people; it can’t help but shine out in surprising ways. Join Christian blogger and Sydneysider Laurel Moffatt as we explore that love over 14 days. Download the PDF here
Who are you, really?
July 12 to July 25, 
“Am I really that which other men tell of? Or am I only what I myself know of myself? Who am I? This or the Other? Am I one person today and tomorrow another?” These words, penned by Dietrich Bonhoeffer while in a German concentration camp, speak to one of our inner narratives. Who am I, really? What are the things that make me, me? Is it OK to have unique passions, habits and tastes? The Bible sheds some light on this most important of inner questions. Join us, as we consider who we are, as distinct individuals from our friends, family and our neighbours. Download the PDF here
Becoming an apprentice of Jesus
June 28 – July 11, 
Read the Bible with Brad Chilcott, head of the Welcome To Australia movement and pastor at Activate Church in South Australia. “We need to follow Jesus in such a way that every aspect of life, values, priorities and purpose are radically transformed. It’s time to apprentice yourself to Jesus.” Download the PDF here
Growing strong in the love of the Lord
June 15-27, 
Our strength is not our own. God grows us that way when we’re held fast by his strong arm and rooted in his love. Sign up to explore this further with Christian blogger Laurel Moffatt. Download the PDF
The Holy Spirit at work
June 1-14, 
Join with us as we read diverse Scripture verses showing how the Holy Spirit is working in God’s people for God’s good purposes throughout the Bible. In the second two weeks, read with us verses that reveal how we can grow strong in the love of the Lord. Our strength is not our own. God grows us that way when we’re held fast by his strong arm and rooted in his love. Download the PDF
Living like a stranger
May 2015
Join us as we read the Daniel episodes that record the life of Daniel and his friends living in exile in Babylon. The Daniel narratives happen in a very particular moment in Old Testament history. What do we learn here about the context? How were God’s people drawn into the new Babylonian culture? How did Daniel respond to the new culture? What is God doing for his people in exile? In what sense do we live in exile? Download the PDF
What the Bible says about war
April 2015
Join us in the month of the Gallipoli Centenary, as Australians reflect upon the self-sacrifice of those who have their lives in war. In our readings, we pause to consider what the Bible actually says about war – about the difficult question of whether war is right or wrong, about the ethics of serving in uniform and about the clear Scriptural promise that, in God’s new heaven and earth, war will one day finally cease. Most significantly, we will remind ourselves of the hope of eternal life, gained for us through Jesus’ own battle on the cross, the hope of God’s eternity which transcends the horror and immediacy of war, the hope of a life beyond this life which enabled so many to find courage, and even to find purpose, in the face of imminent and violent death. We will also consider the Bible’s very extensive use of war as a parable of our Christian lives and of our struggle with the forces of evil. Download the PDF
Six weeks in the Lord’s Prayer
Feb/March 2015
From the first day of Lent – and for the six weeks leading up to Easter, reflect and focus on the temptation and suffering of our Lord Jesus Christ, and upon our own frailties and failures. Lent is a time for repentance and the healing of our desires as we approach Jesus’ death and resurrection at Easter. This period can be a valuable time of prayer and spiritual renewal. Over six weeks Bible Society Australia, in partnership with Common Grace, dwelt more deeply on the prayer Jesus taught his disciples. As we reflect upon it each day through the scriptures, will you commit to praying it daily all the way till Easter? Download the PDF
Praying Paul’s prayer
January 2015
We’ll be praying through Paul’s prayers and learning from him to infuse our prayer life with new power, thankfulness and repentance. Download the PDF
The Word who became flesh
December 2014
In December, join us as we seek to understand the birth of Jesus. Download the PDF
Stories Jesus told
November 2014
The Gospels show us that Jesus taught the crowds through parables: parables about farming, parables about fishing, parables about families, parables drawn from pictures of every day life. Each parable points us to a feature of the Kingdom of God.This month we are reading through different parables Jesus told in the Gospels. Pray that you might grow in your understanding of God’s Kingdom, and spurred to live for him in this present life. Download the PDF
God’s Ten Words: Applying the Ten commandments
October 2014
This set of readings explores how the Bible applies the Ten Commandments to the Christian Life. We need to be careful to avoid the twin errors of legalism on one hand and lawlessness on the other, as we apply the Ten Commandments to our own lives. The Ten Commandments taught the rescued people of God how he wanted them to live. The Christian today reads and applies them through the lens of Jesus. Each commandment has a couple of readings to show how the Bible applies the Ten Commandments to the life of God’s people. Pray that God might write these words on your heart by his Holy Spirit. Download the PDF
The search for meaning
September 2014
The wisdom literature of the Bible in the book of Ecclesiastes. The Teacher goes on a journey to seek the meaning of life under the sun. That is the meaning of this present life? The poetry and language is a little different to what we are used to. These readings will challenge the way you think about everyday life and what is important. Ultimately life under the sun only makes sense when it is lived in the light of the Creator. Download the PDF
Treasures in heaven
August 2014
A biblical look at wealth and contentment for 31 days. Download the PDF
Born to Love – A biblical celebration of relationships
July 2014
In July we explored how we are made for relationship and what should relationship looks like. We will look at God’s relationship with us, our relationship with each other and what a relationship look like within marriage, family and friendship. Download the PDF
Draw near to God through the Book of Hebrews
June 2014
This is a set of readings that invites us to draw near to God. We are working our way through the Book of Hebrews, a rich and marvellous letter. Each passage challenges us to see Jesus in a fresh way and respond to him with trust. The whole book of Hebrews is an invitation to draw near to God through Jesus. As you read, ask God to open your eyes to the majesty of Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Download the PDF
The Book of Ruth
May 2014
The book of Ruth shows how things never get too bad for God to come and change them. In the dark days of the judges, a ray of sunshine breaks out in Ruth. Keep an eye out for the key themes: God’s remnant, God’s grace, God’s covenant love and God’s redemption. Be challenged by the relevance of the message for today: be open to learning about being patient, redemptive in your actions, committed, trusting and considerate. Download the PDF
The hour for glory
April 2014
These reading are about Easter or any time we want to focus in on the Hour for Glory: The Death and Resurrection of Jesus in John’s Gospel. The readings start on the eve of the crucifixion where Jesus is comforting his Disciples and assuring them of what is about to happen to his physical resurrection and meeting the Disciples again. Download the PDF
Jesus is…
March 2014
How would you finish this sentence “ Jesus is…”? Christianity at its heart is not about a set of rules. It is not about a moral code. It is not a philosophy of wisdom. It is not a handbook of religious acts. It is not even about record of religious experiences. Christianity first and foremost is about a person, Jesus of Nazareth. Christianity first and foremost is about relating to the person of Jesus as Lord and Saviour.This set of readings give us a chance to see how the Bible answers the “Jesus is …” question. They will help us to get to know Jesus better. They will help us to think about how we should respond to him in everyday life. Before each passage pray “God, open my eyes to the majesty of Jesus.” Enjoy Jesus. Download the PDF
Daily Bible with Church fathers
February 2014
Go back in time, to read the Bible with some guidance from the Church Fathers. We can easily lose sight of the heritage we have as a Christian church. So, for a month, follow our forebears in faith like Augustine and Calvin, understand how their words changed the course of the church, and see how ancient wisdom can help us read Scripture anew. Download the PDF
Being Christ like
January 2014
As any new phase of life begins, a new year or any new start, it’s always helpful to go back to God’s Word and remind ourselves about how we are to live and grow as Christ’s disciples, becoming men and women of mature character and sound judgement. If you are seeking a new beginning or just refreshment, join us and be encouraged about what it is to be Christ Like and to live and grow as Christ’s disciple. Download the PDF

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