In 2017 let’s celebrate 200 years of sharing the Bible

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About Bible A Month and Literacy For Life

Direct debit giving through Bible a Month or Literacy For Life is where a regular amount that you choose is deducted from your bank account each month. 

Bible A Month (BAM) is a regular gift-giving programme that allows you to aid the translation, production, distribution and subsiding of Bibles across the world.

Literacy for Life enables you to support Scripture-based literacy classes across the world. Most often conducted by local churches, these programmes enable participants to receive the double blessing of learning how to read and write while also receiving the message of the Bible.

You may wish to support us or may already support us by having regular monthly amounts deducted from your bank account. Direct debit giving is an easy way to donate and it helps us to reduce our fundraising cost and also helps us to plan ahead.

If you are interested in giving by direct debit please email or phone 1300 242 537.

The terms and conditions for direct debit giving are available here.

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